Jay Kerr

I’m a web designer living in Toronto, Ontario. Since 1994 I’ve worked for various studios in Toronto designing websites and CD-ROMs. In 1996 I started my own studio, JAK MEDIA.

I’m married with children, a dog and a cat. My wife is a television director. She has a blog at Stuff and Junk where she often writes about me with a great deal of creative licence.

What’s a Bombippy?

Yes, there is a story behind the name. Flippy is a nickname that a couple of friends gave me on a vacation to Cape Fear, SC. Our condo had an old push-button cable box, hooked up to the TV. I hadn’t seen one of these channel changers since I was a kid and kept pushing the buttons, flipping channels, annoying my friends.

Flippy evolved into Flippy Bombippy and eventually became Bombippy.

You watch a lot of movies

I come by it honestly. My father is a movie junkie and puts my DVD collection to shame. To me, film is such a creative form of expression. It entertains, evokes emotion, teaches, and provides endless hours of entertainment. What could be better?

I built a dedicated home theatre in the basement of my house – 84-inch screen, HD projector Dolby Digital/DTS receiver. Watching movies at home is often better than the local movie theatre experience.

What’s with all the recipes?

I love to cook. My mother was a fabulous cook and taught me a few things in the kitchen. I worked part-time in an Italian restaurant for a couple of years in my early 20s and fell in love with Italian food.

I do most of the cooking at home and love to try new recipes. I collect recipes from cook books, newspaper columns and TV shows. My favourites are available on this site for you to try.

What happened to your mother?

On January 2, 2001 my mother died of cancer. She was 62. Part of the reason for creating this site was to pay tribute to her. I wanted to create a place where family and friends could visit and remember her in different ways.


I am an amateur photographer that focuses on landscape photography. I have another site called Bombippy Photos where you can see some of my work. I live for those rare moments when I can pack up my gear, hop in my car and travel for days in northern Ontario, Vermont, anywhere.

Niagara Falls

StockStock Film Festival

In June 2004, I entered the StockStock Film Festival where my film, I Hung My Head was selected and screened at the Seattle Museum of Art.

I always have a video project on the go but my dream is to develop a documentary film.