SONY DVP-360 DVD player

BTW, if any of you have a SONY DVP-360 DVD player, get an extended warranty now or face the consequences. This model is a warranty timebomb. There have been numerous complaints over at, mine included.
On Christmas eve, 18 months after I purchased it, the player died. The first signs of trouble were the occasional C 13:00 errors that would require the player be turned on and off. Then the player started giving me NO DISC errors. Sony has ignored the complaints of everyone who purchased this lemon. This has many people in the US crying, “class action suit.” I can only hope. Luckily for me I used my trusty Royal Bank Gold VISA card which doubles the 1 year warranty to 2 years. I’ve filed a claim to Royal Bank who said they will reimburse me for any repairs.
Sony hasn’t heard the last of me though.
I’m off to Ottawa for a couple of days. More updates will follow on the weekend and then I think I’ll start promoting the site.

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