American Pie 2

I watched American Pie 2 last night. It ticked me off that Blockbuster is carrying the fullscreen version on DVD. I didn’t see anything on the DVD case to indicate that I was renting the fullscreen version and couldn’t be bothered driving back to get a widescreen version (if they carry one). The movie is just as funny as the first one and end up laughing all the way through. Stiffler rocks!

I also rented The Ghost and the Darkness (1996). Yeah, I know. Talk about change of pace. I’ve seen everything that’s recent so I usually walk up and down the rental aisles for 20 minutes trying to find something decent that I somehow missed. The Ghost and the Darkness is a good movie that IMDB describes as:

Set in 1898, this movie is based on the true story of two lions in Africa that killed 130 people over a nine month period, while a bridge engineer (Val Kilmer) and an experienced old hunter (Michael Douglas) tried to kill them.
Thanks to Mr. Kerr, I now have a DVD of The Rock. He picked up the Criterion Edition 2-disc set last week and gave me his ‘inferior’ copy. Maybe I’ll watch that tonight.

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