Hey stupid!

I’ve got a friend who is the principal of a school. I can’t say where for obvious reasons.

He recently had a bizarre meeting with the parent of a grade 8 student. This mother wanted her son to fail the year. My friend disagreed with her. This student’s mother tried to convince my friend that her child was an idiot and must fail! Huh? Who’s the real idiot here?
My friend tried to determine what some of this boy’s skills were and asked if he was mechanically inclined. The mother said that he was not and mentioned something about the number of VCRs that he had destroyed.

The parents once gave him a broken VCR to tinker with and made sure the power cord was removed. There was a concern that he might electrocute himself by forgetting to unplug the VCR from the wall first.
It seems that there was an episode where this kid was watching TV and the set stopped working. He thought he could repair the set and proceeded to cut the power cord while the set was on and plugged in! I don’t know how my friend kept a straight face through all of this. This definitely tops his story about the fat kid who was stealing a little girl’s lunch everyday.
This poor mother kept providing example after example of her son’s stupidity but it looks like little Billy is going to graduate. I’m sure we’ll read about him in the papers next year after he attends a few classes in machine shop or chemistry. Stay tuned.

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