Sammy And Dave Have Left The Tour

How is this for comical. Yesterday my brother, myself, and his friend drove 3.5 hours from Toronto to Six Flags Darien Lake, just outside of Buffalo. We were looking forward to seeing David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, former lead singers of Van Halen perform. This could be our last chance to see any semblance of Van Halen perform again (the band is currently looking for a lead singer and it’s doubtful that they’ll ever put out a new album). Our tickets were 13 rows from the stage—my brother Drew scored some great seats.

We went to the guest services window to pick up our tickets when I noticed a sign that read SHOW CANCELLED. I started to laugh in disbelief. It turns out that Sammy Hagar was ‘sick’ and the rest of the tour has been cancelled. That’s funny, Sammy and Dave were at the MTV Video Awards as presenters. Sammy looked and sounded fine. My brother Drew, was not amused. To top it off he forgot his sandals in the parking lot at Darien Lake.

On the way back to Canada, the customs officer asked if we purchased anything while in the US. We honestly declared a package of cigars ($2.49 USD) and a bottle of wine from the Duty-Free Shop ($10 USD). I know, we don’t sound like your typical Van Halen fans. We were told to pull over and visit the customs office.

You have to be in the US for more than 48 hours before you can bring anything back into Canada, duty-free (Americans only have to be in Canada for more than 24 hours before they can bring back items duty-free). What a drag. The little punk behind the counter declared that the duty on my $3 package of cigars was $10 CDN. The duty on the bottle of wine was $20 CDN. I asked him if he was kidding. Twice. He sort of smirked and said we could return the items for a refund or abandon them and be on our way. We already wasted a day and a tank of gas. We opted for the refund

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