JAK MEDIA has moved!

After being robbed twice, pleading my with my landlord to get out of my lease, a miracle occured. Last Friday I was officialy released from my office lease in Markham. On Saturday I moved out of my old office and into a new one in Toronto. Thanksgiving? You bet!

The new office is at 577 Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches. Instead of a 45 minute rush-hour commute, I’ll be at the office in 10 minutes. Downtown Toronto is 15-20 minutes away.

The new office is a lot smaller than the old one. I used to have 724 sq.ft. of space. I’ve down-sized to a mere 200 sq.ft. which is actually plenty of room. The difficult part is figuring out what to put into storage, what to sell, and what I should just give away.

I get my phones and DSL service tomorrow. Once the lines are put in I’ll make an official announcement and publish the new numbers.

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