Starbuck$ Coffee

Back in August, a story appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer titled, The Insider: Starbucks’ prices won’t be cheaper for much longer The last time Starbucks raised their prices was in August 2000 (increase of 7¢ a cup). Well, 4 years have gone by and the price just went up again by about 7¢.

Last night I was working late and decided to go the the Starbucks in the Beaches. I usually get a Grande size coffee (medium) and it used to cost $1.87 CDN. Last night it cost $1.98 CDN. Ouch!

I love my Starbucks coffee but won’t be buying very much of it by the cup. I prefer to buy their beans and grind them at home.

There is also a local coffee shop down the street from my office called The Savoury Grounds Coffee Co. which has great coffee. Its medium size coffee is a little smaller than a Grande and costs $1.45—a little easier to stomach.

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