How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Below is a mini-review of U2’s latest album from my brother Drew:

I think it has the potential to rank on par (with me anyway) with ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, which I loved. And after I hear this stuff live and accumulate as many bootlegs as I did from their last tour, getting repeated exposure to the songs, it might even surpass ‘ATYCLB’. One of the lingering impressions from seeing the band a couple times on the last tour and hearing a lot of boots was how well the new material translated live and was received by the fans. I can’t think of many other bands 20+ years into their career who would do 7 or 8 new songs every show. And I guarantee they’ll be doing at least that many this upcoming tour.
Of the 11 songs on the album it’s the one track which every review seems to praise that I don’t care for that much - “Love And Peace Or Else”. Of the other 10 tracks I’d say about 3 blow me away (“Vertigo”, “Miracle Drug”, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”), 6 are excellent (“City Of Blinding Lights”, “All Because Of You”, “A Man And A Woman”, “Crumbs From Your Table”, “Original Of The Species” and “Yahweh”) and the other one is merely good (“One Step Closer”).
I think it’s cool that a veteran band like them can get played on top 40 radio and (although I hate the expression) be relevant to a younger generation.

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