Bombippy 2.0 is coming

I’m in the process of developing version 2.0 of You can expect a complete redesign, comments (finally!), better archiving (view entries by category or date), better searching and standards-compliant code (XHTML/CSS).

The redesign is complete and I’m currently developing new templates for the various pages. I took a long look at WordPress but decided to go with Movable Type for publishing.

WordPress has a lot of things going for it but it seems to be changing so rapidly. I’m worried about spending a lot of time developing css templates and having to rewrite them when the next major release comes out (which is soon—version 1.5).

I set up Movable Type on Lissa’s blog and feel comfortable using it. I find that it is a lot easier to customize the design of your site than WordPress. I’ve been inspired by sites like Subtraction and feel that I can’t really go wrong with Movable Type. Stay tuned.

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