Open Range (2003)

Last night I watched Kevin Costner’s Open Range based on The DVD Journal’s top 10 list of DVD releases for 2004. I wasn’t disappointed.

Open Range is a great western that didn’t do a lot of box office but is worth viewing., Costner directs and stars in the film along with Robert Dvual and Annette Bening. The cinematography is spectacular and left me wanting to head back to Calgary for another visit (the film was shot in Calgary, Alberta).

The story is pretty straightforward and the acting is solid. The sound design is incredible. I watched the DVD with the DTS track and whoa! You feel like you’re right there on the range with the wind and rain blowing around you. You can feel the blast of the shotgun when it is fired. This is one of the best sounding DVDs that I’ve seen in a while.

Overall, an enjoyable film. There is also a second disc that has a great documentary on modern filmmaking that I will have to view at some point.

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