Sideways (2004)

After all of the hype and top 10 lists, I saw Sideways recently. First of all, I enjoyed the film and would rank it in my top 5 favourite films of 2004. A. O. Scott of the New York Times on the other hand considers it The Most Overrated Film of the Year. Whatever.

The ‘wine-speak’ scenes where different characters describe the wine they are tasting or their favourite wines is beautifully written. The way in which Paul Giamati’s character defends his affinity for the pinot noir grape is comical and sad when you realize that he’s really describing himself.

The southern California wine country and culture make Sideways appealing but it’s the different characters that make this film so interesting. Recommended.

By the way, if you’re in the company of a pretentious wine snob, do not bring up the fact that you love Merlot.

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