Edge Codes

On Saturday I went to see the a documentary film about film editing called Edge Codes. It featured some great interviews with George Lucas, Norman Jewison and Sarah Flack among others.

Flack edited a few of Steven Soderbergh’s films and had some interesting things to say about The Limey—one of my favourite films. She’s currently editing an untitled Dave Chappelle/Michel Gondry Project project due out, later this year.

Edge Codes director, Alex Shuper was at Saturday’s screening and answered a number of questions from the audience. I learned a lot about the editing process and the history of editing from this doc. I also realized that there are a lot of fabulous films that I’ve never seen.

The Edge Codes DVD comes out on March 1 and you can download a copy of the film for $10 from the Edge Codes website. If you’re at all interested in film editing then you won’t want to miss this documentary.

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