Limited New Releases

I’ve been using for about a month now and have enjoyed their service, for the most part. Their selection of DVD titles is great but I’m discovering that their new releases are limited. It can take a couple of weeks to receive a new title such as The Village (mine arrived this morning after two weeks of waiting).

Limited New Releases.

There is a feature on that lets you specify which movies are sent to you next. You can flag two DVD selections as ASAP so that they ship before any other titles in your queue. This feature rarely works, unless the titles you’re flagging are older releases.

This complaint aside, provides tremendous value to the average movie junkie. In the month that I’ve signed up, I’ve watched 15 DVDs for $24.95. If I went the Blockbuster route, my 15 DVD rentals would cost $77.85 (a little less if I was a rewards member).

Not all of the DVDs I rented in the last month were new releases. At Blockbuster, these older titles would cost less than the standard $5.19 rental price (Blockbuster raised their prices 20 cents/rental). Then again, Blockbuster doesn’t have a comprehensive selection of movies.

Some of the movies that I’ve watched recently aren’t available at Blockbuster and can be purchased for $40 or more (Criterion Collection DVDs). Some specialty DVD rental stores that are downtown, carry these titles but aren’t close by. For convenience and cost, this makes a much better alternative to Blockbuster and Rogers Video.

If would beef up their new DVD releases I would be completely satisfied. It’s frustrating to have to wait for several weeks just to watch a new release. Blockbuster has spoiled us with their ability to purchase hundreds of copies of new DVDs for rental. seems to be responding to the complaints of its users and hopefully we’ll see even better service in the coming weeks.

Special thanks to my Vancouver editor for alerting me to some embarrassing grammatical errors!

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