Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Last week I went to see the 10:30 PM show for Million Dollar Baby. I couldn’t get into my own home theatre to watch a movie—the step-daughter wanted to watch Gilmore Girls. How sad is that?

I didn’t read any reviews prior to seeing Million Dollar Baby so I wasn’t prepared for the ‘surprise twist’ that people had been talking about. From all of the Oscar nominations I knew this was probably a great film—excellent acting, direction and story. In this respect, I wasn’t disappointed.

Million Dollar Baby might be described as Mystic River on steroids. If you thought Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated film from last year packed a punch then look out! Million Dollar Baby won’t lift your spirits or entertain you as much as it will drain you emotionally.

Clint Eastwood directed a solid film. Is it the best film of the year? No, but it’s a must see. Hilary Swank is excellent in her role and should nab an Oscar for her performance. She deserves it.


I have mixed feelings about this film. It has an emotional punch that will make you wish the story had a happier ending. It makes you question your morality. What would you do if you were Clint Eastwood’s character in the film?

I remained hopeful throughout the film. I waited for good things to happen. Expected them. This is how Hollywood has conditioned us to think. Eastwood turns his back on tradition and allows the film to drown in darkness and injustice. This ultimately makes the film stronger in its ability to move you and it’s why I left the theatre feeling melancholy.

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