Re-release of 12 Monkeys

I can’t stand when the greedy number crunchers at the Hollywood studios do this. Universal Studios has decided to re-release 12 Monkeys as a special edition disc. This will be the third release of this film on DVD.

The new disc will have a digitally remastered picture with some of the extras from a previously released Collector’s Edition (The Hamster Factory documentary and a director commentary with Terry Gilliam). Universal is also releasing this movie on HD-DVD in the fall.

Miramax is working on a special editions of Kill Bill due out in August. Meanwhile Dreamworks is working on yet another special edition of Gladiator with all new features and an extended version of the film.

Who do the studios expect to purchase these discs when people already own them? What is going to happen when HD-DVD or Blu-ray becomes a standard? More special editions? Like I said, I can’t stand the money-grubbing weasels in Hollywood.

I’m not purchasing any new special editions of movies that I already own. I hope that others do the same and Hollywood stops this pathetic practice.

Posted in Movies at 3:14 PM