Rogers Cable To Limit Bandwidth

Rogers Cable is imposing a “combined upload and download bandwidth limit of 60 GB per month.” This goes into effect on March 17, 2005.

One person that I spoke to, was told by Rogers that 60 GB of bandwidth is what the average person might use in a year. Another person I spoke to had his service cut off for a day last fall. He was told that he was in the 1% of users that was abusing the service by downloading excessively.

So what does this mean if you’re a bandwidth hog? It means that you’ll only be able to steal download about 60 Hollywood films each month or 15,000 songs.

Can you really watch 60 films or listen to 15,000 songs in a month? I think Rogers and the other ISPs are probably doing some people a favour by limiting their downloading addiction.

Downloading that much data becomes a full-time job of burning CDs, DVDs, printing cover art, archiving files and making room on your crippled hard drive for the next 60 GB of files. Where do people find the time to actually watch all of those movies and listen to all of that music? What kind of life can you possibly have if you spend all of your spare time in front of the computer or the television?

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