Saw (2004)

A friend of mine watched this film back in November and mentioned how good it was, that it was worth seeing in the theatre. He was right. Saw is excellent! I watched it last night and was riveted from beginning to end. I jumped in a few places and cringed in others.

Saw is probably the best thriller since the David Fincher’s SE7EN (1995). It borrows a little too much from SE7EN and Silence of the Lambs but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The script is pretty clever and keeps you guessing until the very end of the film. It’s hard to believe that it was written and directed by a couple of Australian guys in their early 20s. But why not? Orson Welles made Citizen Kane when he was only 25.

It was nice to see Cary Elwes playing a lead in a decent film. Danny Glover plays a cop, a role he can do in his sleep, but to his credit, he brings a creepiness to the role.

The DVD looks great in anamorphic widescreen. If you have a DTS 6.1 receiver then you’re in for a treat because this is a terrific sounding disc. I’ve only seen the movie once but the commentary with director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell is supposed to be quite good and funny at times.

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