Bon Voyage

I’m off to Paris for a week of sightseeing, relaxation and fun. It’s about 10 degrees C over there which will be a welcome change from snow and cold weather in Toronto.

I’ve been watching a few movies to gear up for the trip. Subway (1985), directed by Luc Besson is set in Paris. I thought this was a complete waste of time and the worst Besson film I’ve seen. Awful.

Next up was Forget Paris (1995). I forgot how bad this movie was. No wonder I haven’t seen Bill Crystal or Debra Winger in anything lately. Amost every exterior scene in Paris has a shot of the Eiffel Tower—typical Hollywood film that assumes the audience is plain stupid.

Amelie was by far the best film to put me in the mood. A lot of it is set in Montmarte which I can’t wait to visit. The train stations, the cafés, it’s all coming back to me now.

We leave tonight and arrive in Paris on Wednesday morning. I will probably post a few updates when Lissa isn’t isn’t crafting her next 3 page entry for

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