Cellular (2004)

The premise behind Cellular (2004) seems like an interesting concept—a young man receives a phone call from a woman who is kidnapped and must stay on the line with her until she is safe. The problem is that the screenplay, the acting, and the movie just blows.

The movie should have been called Cliché because it borrows heavily from every police thriller in the last 20 years. I broke out laughing near the end of the film when William H. Macy’s character does a slow motion dive and shoots bad guy Jason Statham to save the day. Oh sorry, I just gave away the ending.

So to sum up, terrible dialogue, over-acting and good action sequences add up to Cellular—a movie for the 13-year-old crowd at the cineplex. On a positive note the video transfer for this disc looks great and the audio is impressive. My advice, resist the urge to watch this film just because it is a new release.

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