Day 1 in Paris

First the bad news. Air Canada lost one of our bags.

The good news is that the weather here is about 70 degrees F at the moment and we’re walking around in t-shirts. Life is good. Oh, and my missing bag magically appeared later in the day.

The French are crazy drivers. We witnessed a couple of accidents on the way to our hotel (one happened right behind us as we were walking on the sidewalk). We had a couple of close calls on our bus ride from the airport too. I think this is why people love to sit around at the outdoor cafes—to watch the car wrecks.

Did I mention that everyone smells really great? It’s a rule here. You have wear nice perfume.

We walked over to the Eiffel Tower from our hotel (about 2 km). I walked up to the second level and took in some great views of the city (Lissa got a little freaked out and had to return to less windy ground—she found a somellier from the south of France to talk to).

We’ll probably head over to the Louvre today as it looks a little overcast. Hopefully we can find some decent Wi-Fi service. I’m on our hotel computer (Euro for 60 minutes). The mouse doesn’t work very well and the keyboard has a different layout from what I’m used to. This will explain all of the typos.

7:34 AM. We’re going to grab some breakfast and start viewing some of the world’s finest art.

Last thing. Our hotel room window faces the Eiffel Tower. So what if we can only see the the top quarter of it. We’re happy.

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