Guero on iTunes

I’ve been reading all of the reviews of Beck’s latest CD and they’re all good. I’ve been looking forward to getting his latest disc for a while now but wait! There are two.

The regular CD costs $12.99 and then there is a deluxe DVD version that has a second bonus disc of remixes, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, videos , a book and on and on. Do I reall want to spend $31.99 for an audio CD?

I never listen to audio only CDs in my home theatre. I spend most of my time listening to music at my computer or on my iPod. It would be nice to have the jewel case with liner notes but I have hundreds of CDs crowding my house and office.

iTunes. I can download Guero for $9.99. I could download 3 albums or 3 songs for the cost of one deluxe Beck DVD.

I downloaded Guero, saved a bunch of money and have listened to the album about 3 times today.

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