The Louvre and MO

The weather continues to be unseasonably warm here and we’re loving it! We just found an Internet café that is around the corner from our hotel (4 Euro/hour). We’ve decided against lugging the laptop around looking for a McDonalds.

So, day 2. We spent most of the day in the Louvre. Overall we were both impressed. I was glad that I read The Da Vinci code ahead of time because it added another dimension to the whole experience. Some of the Italian paintings were closed which means I missed Veronese’s “Wedding at Cana”—the painting I wanted to see the most.

We decided to walk along Champs Elysées and ended up at the Arch de Triumphe by the end of the day. After 5+ klometres of walking we were toast. A nice meal around the corner and we were happy.

Today we did the MO (Musée d’Orsay) and had a great time. We both found it to be better than The Louvre in that we enjoyed the collection of paintings here a lot more.

By around 3 PM we headed over to Rue Rivoli in search of Colette—a store with a design theme, gadgets, beauty products and cool DVDs. It’s basically a bricks and mortar

A few more kilometres of walking took us back to the Seine. Listened to a really bad band for a little while. Crossed Pont Neuf over to Odéon and had the worst Starbucks Coffee to date. Lesson learned. Stick the cafés.

At this point my legs are completely numb. I’m sitting in this café trying to figure who messed up the layout on this keyboard and trying to breathe as the cigarette smoke continues to suffocate me (Lissa took the computer by the open door).

Tomorrow we’ll check out Notre Dame and the cemetary in Montparnasse where which is very close to our hotel (we’re on Rue Pasteur across the street from the Pasteur metro). To most of you this information will be meaningless.

Okay time for a cigar. Did I mention how unbelivably cheap cigarellos are?

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