Au revoir Paris

Today is our last day in Paris and the last travel entry that you’ll have to read for a while. Promise.

On Sunday morning we went to Montmarte in the north end of the city (where most of the movie Amelie takes place if you live your life through film). We walked up the Rue de Martyrs to Sacré-Coeur—the large white dome church at the top of a very steep hill. It was Palm Sunday and there was a service on but the tourists have to be herded through to gawk at the architecture. I felt terrible for invading a church service. Tourists were standing in front of people trying to worship and take part in the service. Dumb. Beautiful church but we didn’t stay very long.

The Musée Montmarte, just north of the church was a complete rip. There was supposed to be some Modigliani paintings. There weren’t. There were some really boring German belt buckles that were over a hundred years old.

location voiture martinique

After that we went to a crowded flea market—the biggest in Paris. I can’t tell you how much fun that was.

Yesterday we went to the Opéra district and visted the Opéra. This has been the surprise of the trip for me. I was completely blown away by the incredible architecture and history here.

This building is absolutely decadent. I’ve never seen so much red velvet in one place. When you take into account that Handel, Beethoven and other great composers performed here, it makes the place feel magical.

Today it finally rained so we decided to head indoors and the Panthéon in the Latin Quarter. The Panthéon is another incredible church because of its architecture (Roman influence). Below the church is a massive crypt where many famous French people are buried (Victor Hugo, Marie Curie, Emile Zola and likely where Johnny Halliday will be buried. Okay, maybe not).

Once the rain cleard up we went for a walk in Luxembourg Gardens where magnolia trees are starting to bloom. Leaves are starting to pop open on all the trees. Spring has arrived early in Paris.

Tonight we’re going out for a nice meal in the 17th district courtesy of Lissa’s brother. We’re both really looking forward to this and it is a perfect way to celebrate our last night in Paris.

I won’t get into my experience tryign to see A Life Aquatic, the Marais district or walking around our neighbourhood with Lissa’s laptop looking for free Wi-Fi (special thank you to the Dumon family for not protecting their router).

It’s been a great trip. We’ve been fortunate for the awesome weather. Neither one of us was hit by any vehicles which is amazing! I’ve seen more of Paris than I expected and probably would have lost 10 pounds from all of the walking if I didn’t eat so much cheese.

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