Canon Digital Rebel XT

This afternoon I visited Henry’s and picked up a Canon Digital Rebel XT (Canon EOS 350D). This is a beautiful 8 megapixel, digital SLR camera. I’m sure it will make it a lot more easier for Lissa and I to take our photos and publish them to our sites. I also plan to use the camera for some of my design work with JAK MEDIA.

For the photojunkies out there, here is a breakdown of the camera.

  • Canon Digital Rebel XT black body
  • Sigma 18-125mm f3.5-5.6 lens
  • Lexar 80x 1 GB Pro card
  • Lexar card reader
  • Canon Digital Rebel accessory kit (includes a battery grip, extra, extra battery, Canon UV 58mm UV filter and Lowepro camera bag)
  • 62mm UV filter to fit the Sigma lens

I also received a $100.00 gift card that can be used at Henry’s. I’d like to get a polarizing filter or maybe take a camera course on lighting. I’m pretty happy with the purchase and look forward to taking a lot of pictures with this baby.

Thank you to David Duchemin for patiently offering advice and tips in terms of what lens and accessories I should purchase. He’s a professional photographer and has some fantastic photos on his site.

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