Ed Wood (1994)

Zip.ca sent me this DVD about three weeks ago but I didn’t feel like watching it until Friday night. I forgot how great Tim Burton’s film about Hollywood’s worst director was.

Johnny Depp is a lot of fun to watch as Edward Wood Jr. Martin Landau is terrific as Bela Lugosi and won an Oscar for his performance.

My favourite scene is between Orson Welles (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) and Ed Wood in a bar. Welles complains to Wood about the difficulty he’s having in making a film about Don Quixote. Welles tried to make a film about Don Quixote for his entire life and never succeeded.

The irony in this scene is that Johnny Depp went on to star in Terry Gilliam’s film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote which was never completed. See Lost In La Mancha (2002) to see what happened to that film.

The black and white DVD video looks great in anamorphic wide screen (1:85:1). The sound is great as well but it won’t give your a receiver a workout by any means. DVD extras? Lots of them although nothing really stands at as a “must see” featurette.

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