Sin City (2005)

I couldn’t take it any longer. The curiosity was killing me. After my hockey game last night (we won) I had to see the late show of Sin City (2005).

Director Robert Rodriguez created a film that is incredibly stylish and unique. Visually, the movie is like nothing you’ve seen before (unlesss you’ve seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). All of the sets are virtual and are quite incredible to look at. The camera angles and tracking shots throughout Sin City are also impressive and will make you wonder, “how did they just do that”.

I would have to disagree with those that view Rodriguez as a “hack”. How does a “hack” get $40 million dollars to make an incredible film that would cost any of the studios $100 million to make?

There is talk that Sin City will be studied in film schools for years to come. It isn’t Casablanca or even close to Pulp Fiction in terms of it’s story but I think it is an important film. The amazing thing about Sin City is its visual style and approach to filmmaking. Rodriguez is an incredibly effecient filmmaker and a bit of a control freak—director, producer, camera operator, editor, music. What he’s managed to pull off with Sin City is quite impressive.

The movie is dark. Very dark. If you can get past the blood and the violence then I think you’ll be impressed. I found it odd that there was little to no soundtrack throughout most of the movie. I felt that certain scenes could have used some music. Any music. I’m not sure why the Rodriguez chose to make the film this way.

Overall I enjoyed the film. I don’t think it will make my top 10 list of best films for 2005 but it’s definitely worth seeing in the theatre. There are some great performances by Mickey Rourke (I’m not kidding!) and Clive Owen.

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