Must watch more movies

I’m still working 7 days a week and keeping insane hours which means, I haven’t watched a movie in what seems like an eternity. So over the weekend I stayed up until 3 AM on Friday and Saturday to catch up on a few popcorn flicks.

National Treasure 2004 is a dumbed-down version of The DaVinci Code. It’s your basic, over-produced, Bruckheimer popcorn movie. Lots of action, mediocre story and quite predictable.

The Forgotten (2004) made me realize how much I miss the X-Files. Aliens, government conspiracies, abductions, mystery! Another popcorn movie but much more satisfying than National Treasure.

The sound editing in this movie is excellent! This is a DVD you’ll want to turn up and jump out of your seat at certain points. This was the best movie I watched this weekend.

Suspect Zero (2004) is the last movie I watched. I felt like I was watching another version of Seven that was only half as good. This was an average serial killer movie at best. I was hoping for a lot more in Ben Kingsley’s character but was disappointed when it was over.

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