New music

A lot of great CDs have been released in the last couple of months. Lately, I’ve been purchasing my music through iTunes Music Store. Yeah, I actually prefer to buy my music rather than steal it. I must be getting old.

I listen to 90% of my music at my desk while I work. iTunes is constantly shuffling through the 19 GB of songs on my G5. So what new music have I been listening to lately?

Magic Time—Van Morrison

I picked this up today at Future Shop. I’m listening to it now and think its great. Van is my favourite musician—a true artist. I started really listening to him in 1990 when he released the album Enlightenment.

The Forgotten Arm—Aimee Mann

I listened to The Forgotten Arm via QuickTime about three times in a row then I went out and bought it. The album is catchy with no filler. The artwork on the CD is beautifully done. I’m glad I bought the disc instead of downloading it.


Beck is back. His last album, Sea Change was pretty depressing. This album is a lot of fun, innovative and addictive. Beck refuses to conform to a popstar mold that is predictable and ultimately boring. This is easily the best album of the year in my opinion.

Devils & Dust—Bruce Springsteen

Just Bruce and a guitar. Mellow, great songwriting and moody. The lyrics in “Reno” through me for a loop. I’ll let you figure it out if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Solid album. I never cared much for Springsteen until the last five years. I think the guy is a genius.

Make Believe—Weezer

Catchy. Fun. I wouldn’t say this album is stellar but if you like any of their earlier stuff, you’ll enjoy their latest disc.

Martha Wainwright—Martha Wainwright

I purchased this one on iTunes for Lissa. It grows on you after you listen to a few times. On the mellow side and nice to work to. Track 9 is my favourite.


Not as good as Play but still a good album. The cover of New Order’s “Temptation” is nice. The second disc of instrumental music doesn’t do much for me. I watched the video for “Beautiful” on iTunes the other day and I think the little man with funky glasses has lost it. I still like his music.

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