Some Tiger Observations

After using the new version of OS X for a couple of days, I’ve noticed a few minor changes in the way things work.


  • bold text now looks like crap, especially bold white text on a black background
  • downloading .zip or .sit archive gives you a warning that the archive could contain a virus (is there a way to turn this off?)


  • emptying the trash plays a crinkled paper sound
  • when an application crashes a dial box gives you the option to “Reopen” the application
  • screen grabs are now saved as PNG files instead of PDf
  • Burn Folders is a great idea for archiving files to CD/DVD


  • the new Calculator widget is kind of useless if you have to do multiple calculations—open Dashboard, click on calculator, perform calculation, copy number, go back to appliation, paste number, open Dashboard… (I’ll stick with the old Calculator that is nestled in my Dock)

Best reasons to upgrade—RSS feeds in Safari and Automator.

Best reasons not to upgrade—font antialiasing problems and the lack of really useful new features worth $149.00 CDN.

Posted in OS X Software at 3:42 PM