Tablet Macintosh?

The Mac Observer posted a story yesterday that Apple was granted a patent for a tablet Macintosh. This story first appeared last August in the The Register. Now that Apple has a patent for this device, what’s next?

There were rumours back in December of 2003 that Apple was working on a tablet Macintosh, that it was going to be released any day. The latest iMacs could be considered “oversized” tablet Macs perched on aluminum stands. If they can make the iMac a little smaller and a lot lighter you have a tablet Mac.

Combine a tablet Mac with a built-in camera and you have a video phone. Combine it with the new video services from Rogers and Bell and you have a portable TV. Throw in iTunes 5 (which will probably incorporate iPhoto, now that QuickTime video is included in iTunes 4.8) and you have a nice, digital hub.

Knowledge NavigatorJohn Sculley’s vision of the Knowledge Navigator, a tablet Macintosh controlled by voice and a pen, are probably six months away from being a reality. I can remember seeing those videos at York University about 15 years ago. I thought it all looked pretty far-fetched. Today, there is no reason why a Knowledge Navigator shouldn’t exist.

Below are various clips of the Knowledge Navigator videos (QuickTime format).

Navigator — 0:47 (1.7 MB)
Rain Forest 0:48 (1.7 MB)
Knowledge Navigator — 5:57 (14.9 MB)

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