Batman Begins (2005)

I was working late on Tuesday night and decided to catch the midnight showing of Batman Begins (2005) with a few friends. My one word review—awesome!

I wasn’t sure how director Christopher Nolan was going to breathe life into the Batman franchise but I’d say he pulled it off nicely. There is a lot more back story than we saw in Tim Burton’s version from 1989 (which I still enjoy watching).

Batman Begins has a clever script that does an excellent job at explaining the origin of Batman’s character. It also does a nice job of setting up the origin of lunatic villains that wear costumes and masks for sequels.

Christian Bale is a great casting choice. I couldn’t see Colin Farell as Bruce Wayne. It was nice to see Gary Oldman in a decent role again. Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson are also perfectly cast for their roles.

I have no complaints about this movie at all and wanted to watch it again as soon as the credits rolled. If you like Batman at all, or wish you were Batman as a little kid, then this movie is a homerun.

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