McEwan’s Scotch Ale

I love going to the LCBO and looking for different beers to try. There is so much variety and seldom do I come across a beer that I can’t stand. I’m not crazy about Belgian beers (Hoegaarden or Duvel) but will have one now and again.

I enjoy Newcastle Brown Ale and thought I would try McEwan’s Scotch Ale (also brewed by Newcastle). So I purchased a six-pack, put it in the fridge to chill, and cracked open a bottle an hour later.

My initial reaction to this beer was that it was absolutely awful. I finished a bottle expecting to like it after a few sips but I kept thinking that Buckley’s Cough Syrup tastes better. I was shocked. I found a beer that I would have to categorize as revolting.

It’s a strong beer at 8% alcohol and it has bit of a Sherry taste with chocolate. Nasty stuff. Give me a Samuel Adams. I tried Crazy Horse Malt Liquor when I was down in Baton Rouge and liked that better than McEwan’s Scotch Ale.

I would rather eat a plate of haggis than drink another bottle of Scotch Ale. So what do I do with 5 more bottles of this stuff?

I placed a bunch of small bowls in the gardens around our house and filled them with my least favourite ale. Slugs and snails are attracted to the beer, crawl in the bowl and drown—there are worse ways do die.

Problem solved.

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