OS X Tiger Crawls

OS X 10.4.1 on my dual 1.8 GHz G5 crawls like a wounded Tiger. I feel like I’m running System 7.1 on a Mac IIsi half the time. Everything runs slower under Tiger and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

It used to be that when I changed the name of a file, in a Finder window, the list of files would sort alphabetically, immediately. Now it can take as long as 10 seconds. Icons in the dock tend to freeze now and again. Opening a file in dialog box can hang my system for up to a minute. PhotoShop 7.0 runs, rather it crawls. I just updated to PhotoShop CS 2 and it seems sluggish as well.

What gives? I suspect that Spotlight is slowing down my system as it indexes all of my files. Constantly. I hate it! I never use it and want the option to get rid of it!

Have you tried running a slideshow by right-clicking a group of jpeg files. It can take about 20 seconds to run after staring at the colour beachball icon. While this is a cool feature, I don’t like having to wait for it to work. I find I’m doing a lot of waiting lately with Tiger and it is slowing down my workflow. I hope Apple releases an upgrade that will address these major speed issues. I guess this is the price of early adoption.

Posted in OS X Software at 12:40 PM