Stockstock Film Festival Press Release

The Stockstock Film Festival posted a press release on their website that mentions my involvement with the festival last year. Stockstock approached me a few weeks ago when they were putting a press release together and asked me to make a few comments on what it was like to enter and become a finalist. Below is the beginning of the press release.

(Seattle, WA - July 11, 2004) — Jay Kerr, a 36-year-old graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada, dreams of making documentary films. This summer he’s going to have a chance to produce his own film, thanks to Stockstock, a one-of-a-kind stock film festival held in Seattle, WA. Today, Stockstock announces its open registration for film submissions. Entrants may register to enter work in the festival through August 8, 2005, with final work due on August 22, 2005, at 11:59 p.m.

“Last year, I entered the first film I ever made called ‘I Hung My Head’ and it was selected as one of the finalists,” said Kerr. “It brought me one step closer to my goal of making films. I plan to enter another film in the festival again this year because last year was such a great experience. It is a challenge to be creative and develop an interesting story using the footage supplied.”

You can read the entire press release on their website. It’s interesting that the press release mentions a winner when there were in fact, only finalists.

I haven’t seen any of the other films that were entered until today when I came across Ethan Anderson’s film, Aperture. I love what he did with the footage. It looks like there is a lot of After Effects work which makes his film a lot of fun to watch. Nice work. Take a look at his other videos. I have to find more time to do some work like this.

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