Not at all motivated

I’m not at all motivated to do anything right now. I feel like Brian Wilson did. I’d be happy just sitting in bed for the next two weeks.

Going into the office has become painful in the last couple of weeks. I still have two websites to design, another print project to complete, and there is always something to do for a handful of clients that provide me with ongoing work. And the phone won’t stop ringing. Voicemail and call display is a wonderful thing to a procrastinator.

I can’t believe that I’m complaining about having too much work but I am. The worst thing about having a lot of work is that you have to invoice to get paid. Accounting is the last thing I want to do right now.

As I type this I’ve been asked if I would like to redesign another website. I need a break. Something longer that a three-day weekend and less than a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to Christmas.

The unfortunate thing about working for yourself is that you usually don’t have anyone to cover for you. You hate to say no to clients or put them off for a couple of weeks. Things might slow down. The work might dry up. This hasn’t happened for a few years but it’s always in the back of your mind.

And you thought being self-employed was getting out of bed at 10 AM, hanging out at Starbucks, reading design magazines, watching movies in the middle of the afternoon, sipping beer on a patio and afternoon naps. Note to self, take a day off and do all of the things in the last sentence before you grow old and die.

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