Back from the road trip

This year’s road trip was a lot of fun—West Virginia, Pensylvania and New York. We golfed, ate a lot of food, watched a couple of football games and played a few practical jokes and had a big time.

I’ll be posting some photos of the trip on BOMBIPPY PHOTOS. Below are a few snapshots starting with the guys heading into Ralph Wilson stadium.

Going to see the Bills

The Buffalo fans are getting worse. At least half of the stadium was completely drunk. A “young lady” sitting beside us punched a guy in the face. Fights were constantly breaking out in the stands and the drunks behind us were yelling for the entire game. A great place to take your kids for a sporting event!

M. L. Vance

Back in West Virginia, things were much more civilized at the Mountaneers football game. State trooper M. L. Vance kept things under control and had us in stitches every time he turned to the side. With that jaw line he was a dead ringer for Jim Carrey in the movie, Me, Myself and Irene.

Later on, Dave provided us with an imitation of state trooper Vance.

Dave imitating officer Vance.

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