iTunes 5, iPod nano and my new 40 GB iPod

iTunes 5 is out today but you won’t be able to upgrade via Software Update under OS X. You’ll have to download iTunes 5 from Apple’s website. The new interface looks nice and improves on the usability. There are minor enhancements to the program which keep getting better and better.

iPod nano is also out today. Say goodbye to the iPod mini. These things look sexy, have great battery life and will sell bundles. I expect that a lot of people with 20 GB and 40 GB iPods, that are having a hard time filling them with music, will upgrade to iPod nano.


My father (the iPod fanatic) just upgraded to a 20 GB colour iPod (his 5th iPod to date) which means I’ve happily acquired his 4th generation 40 GB model. I already have a 2nd generation 20 GB iPod (also from him). I love it that he feels this need to upgrade his toys. I better tell him that iPod nano came out and is better than is new 20 GB colour model.

I’m not sure how I’m going to fill a 40 GB iPod with music. Who has that much time to catalog and burn their entire music collection? The best thing about this 40 GB iPod is that it was free! The second best thing about this iPod is that I can back up CompactFlash cards from my digital camera.

If the step-daughter does well in school and can figure out how to quit smoking then she may be able to graduate from her iPod Shuffle to a 20 GB iPod. Failing this, the 6 year-old will be the only kid on the block with an iPod listening to Foo Fighters.

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