Where Good Times Haven’t Rolled

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post has an excellent article about the the race issues surrounding the disaster down in New Orleans. His article, Where Good Times Haven’t Rolled, addresses some of the issues that the most of the American media seem to be afraid to report on.

There is also some great audio on washingtonpost.com Mayor Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orlean is “pissed” with the way the federal government has responded to the crisis in the south. He even goes as far as saying that “God is watching down on them” and that “they are going to have to pay the price if they’re not doing everything in their power”.

All of this reminds me of a powerful line from the film Hotel Rwanda. UN peacekeeper Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte) is trying to explain to Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) why the US won’t intervene while a million Rwandans are murdered — ” You’re black. You’re not even a nigger. You’re an African.”

Approximately two-thirds of New Orleans is black. How long do you think it would take for FEMA or the National Guard to provide aid to Beverly Hills or West Palm Beach if it were struck by Katrina?

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