Apple Aperture

ApertureApple just dropped another bomb. Today they announced Aperture for professional photographers. This is the first piece of software to challenge Adobe PhotoShop in years and it looks amazing.

The Take a Tour of Aperture movie uses some new QuickTime controls and is also incredible. If you don’t already own a Mac and you’re a photographer using a Windows machine then this application will definitely make you jealous.

The marketing here is fabulous. The video interviews on the Apple site look like they’re all in HD. The interview with Sports Illustrated photographer Heinz Kluetmeier is awesome! I’m ready to buy this software now!

With FinalCut Studio, Logic Pro and now Aperture, Apple has become a power-house in developing software for creative professionals. First the iPod Nano, then the video iPods and now Aperture. It feels like 1984 all over again.

It still blows my mind how innovative Apple is when it comes to hardware and software. They’ve transformed, and some will say “saved” the music industry with iTunes and the iPod. Filmmaking has never been easier or cheaper to do thanks to FinalCut Pro.

As the cost of digital photography continues to plummet and its popularity continues to rise, Aperture will become a significant player in digital imaging software. Adobe PhotoShop is the standard but I think Aperture will take away a lot of Adobe’s business and make the workflow for a lot of photographer much more efficient.

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