Apple unveils a video iPod

The rumours are true. This afternoon Apple released an iPod that will play video, a new version of iTunes and a slimmer iMac.

If you’ve been purchasing music from iTunes in the last 6 months you’ll know that a number of recent albums have included videos—Coldplay, Neil Young and Billy Corgan. I guess this was a hint that a video iPod was on the way. You’ll probably see more videos bundled with albums to encourage the purchase of music videos.

I wonder how long it will take for my father to break down and upgrade to a new video iPod? After all, that anemic 20 GB colour iPod he just go is a bulky 10% larger than the latest iPods, the battery doesn’t last as long and it has less storage.

Time to upgrade iTunes (again) to version 6.

Posted in Apple at 2:39 PM