My DVD Collection has finally been updated. I’m using a great little piece of software for Mac OS X called DVDpedia to track all 283 discs.

A couple of weeks ago my father came by and used his iSight camera to scan the barcodes of all my DVDs into Delicious Library — another Mac OX X software program for cataloging DVDs, CDs and books. Delicious Library has a beautifully designed interface but it doesn’t provide enough detailed information about the DVDs for my needs.

DVDpedia allows you to have a lot of information about each disc such as sound format, video format, aspect ratio, number of discs and more. You can also add custom categories such as Edition — Criterion Collection, Director’s Edition, Ultimate Edition and so on. I find this useful because the money-grubbing studios keep releasing special editions for a lot of their titles.

The interface for DVDpedia borrows a lot from iTunes. You get a nice summary of your collection at the bottom of your window — number of DVDs, number borrowed, number of discs, value of collection and days of viewing. I was surprised to find out that out of the 283 DVDs I have, there are actually 348 discs in my collection.

If you a film geek like me then you can easily keep track of theatrical release dates, country of origin, language, awards and more. There is also a plug-in to IMDB that provides information about movie locations, soundtrack, mistakes, trivia, awards and memorable quotes. A nice touch.

Movie Trivia

Similar to Delicious Library, you can keep track of who has your DVDs and when they borrowed them. I’m terrible at tracking this type of information so this will help me track down those missing discs in the future.

The last thing I’ll mention about DVDpedia is that you can export your entire collection to your iPod, a web page and a variety of other formats. I created a simple template that can be used to keep my DVD collection on this site up to date.

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