Power Mac G5 Quad

YIKES! I somehow missed the announcement of the new Power Mac G5 Quad. This may the fastest Power Macs and one of the last Power Macintosh computers before they switch over to Intel chips.

The Power Mac G5 Quad has two dual-core processors running at 2.5 GHz each — 76.6 gigaflops. Huh? Trust me, it’s wicked fast.

Now I know why the system requirements for Aperture are so high (dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 or faster and 2 GB of RAM). I’m running a Power Mac G5 with dual processors running at 1.8 GHz each and 1 GB of RAM. I guess I’ll be using PhotoShop CS2 for a little while longer.

Aperture could be the perfect excuse for me to upgrade my hardware.

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