Digital Fortress

My idea of a perfect Sunday evening is a 10 year old Tawny Port (Taylor Fladgate), Stilton blue cheese and a good book. Last night I finished reading Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress. It’s a trademark, Dan Brown thriller—lots of page turning suspense, short chapters, multiple plots and plenty of surprises.

This novel was published in 1998 and is a little dated which is unavoidable I suppose when you write about technology. Netscape is described as being the “sweetest” web browser. Brown also makes a big deal about the secrecy surrounding the NSA but thanks to Enemy of the State (1998) and a number of other Hollywood movies, the National Security Agency is no longer “No Such Agency”.

I found myself figuring out some of several plot twists and mysteries, then having to read patiently while the characters in the novel figure them out. I don’t remember The Da Vinci Code as being very easy to figure out and can only assume that Brown has become much better at crafting puzzles and plot twists in his writing.

Like The Da Vinci Code, I couldn’t put this book down for very long and enjoyed reading it. Thanks to Paul (who almost became my brother-in-law) for lending me his copy.

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