The BLOCKBUSTER Canada eStore®

Well, this is the moment all of you Canadian, card carrying Blockbuster members have been waiting for. The BLOCKBUSTER Canada eStore® is now open for business! I just received an email alert about this.

Why does Blockbuster have an eStore you ask? So you can pre-order DVDs or games for purchase!

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to pre-order a DVD from Blockbuster and pay full price it. Why not go to FutureShop or Walmart and get it for the sale price? Actually, I wondered the same thing.

Here is Blockbuster’s BIG reason for pre-ordering movies:

Just in time for your holiday shopping, here’s the latest innovation from your home entertainment headquarters: the BLOCKBUSTER Canada eStore®. Now you can pre-order upcoming movies and games online. When you pre-order a movie or game, you’re ensuring that you’ll be among the first to enjoy it just as soon as it’s released.

Wow! I’m all excited. Pre-ordering movies online for purchase! Way cool! I bet Amazon FutureShop or haven’t thought of this! Wicked! Blockbuster is the best!

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