I’ve just been granted ZipRefill by for being a good customer and reporting when I’ve shipped back my DVDs.

Having ZipRefill on your account means that will send you a replacement DVD within one business day. You don’t have to wait the 1-3 days before receives DVDs you send back to them in the mail.

Anybody else have this “privilege” or any others that offers? If you don’t use your online account to report when your DVDs are returned or if you’ve reported DVDs stolen/missing then you probably won’t get access to this service.

I’m still really pleased with’s service and haven’t had any problems with them to date. They recently added a location in Mississauga which has improved their service (they use to ship/receive from Ottawa). Their selection of DVDs is outstanding and getting bigger every day.

If you want a new release then your best bet is still Blockbuster. Even then you have to ask yourself if it isn’t just better to go to the theatre and pay $9.99 for a ticket. Blockbuster is charging $5.99 per rental ($6.88 with tax). If I want a new release for the weekend then I’ll still head to Blockbuster but 90% of my rentals are coming from or my dad’s extensive collection of discs (and they’re free with no late fees).

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