A Bucket of Porn

I just returned from Blockbuster with Vanessa the step-daughter. She wanted to rent a chick flick to watch with her mom. That’s why I’m upstairs updating my blog.

Morgan, the 17-year-old guy behind the counter knows Vanessa’s boyfriend. When we were checking out our movies he asked Vanessa what her boyfriend got her for Christmas. Then he asked what she got him for Christmas. After he handed me my receipt he looked at Vanessa and said, “you should have given him a bucket of porn, he’d like that, trust me.

I thought this dorky kid said, “a bucket of corn.” It seemed like a weird suggestion but I didn’t really think twice about it.

As he handed me the movies Vanessa said, “by the way Morgan, this is my step-father Jay.” This poor kid turned bright red and politely said, “oh… I wasn’t aware of that.”

What a goof.

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