Christmas Day

Christmas Day has come and gone.

It started with Daniel, the 6-year-old waking up at 7:30 AM to discover that Santa dropped by the night before, delivered some presents and answered some mail. Star Wars lego, a Darth Vader mask, Hot Wheels cars and and more! Daniel got some cool stuff too.

Seriously, I didn’t want anything for Christmas and didn’t ask for anything. I hate this pressure of having to find the perfect gift. I don’t see the point of exchanging gift certificates with each other. I also don’t see the point of giving someone cash so that they can go an purchase what they really want. All of it is pointless except to the credit card companies and the retail stores.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be Scrooge. I picked up a number of gifts for people in our family and received some really nice gifts—I can’t put down my new copy of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (thanks Vanessa).

I don’t know where I’m going with this, except to say that I dislike the commercialism of Christmas or what Christmas has become for many of us. A lot of us get so caught up in shopping and gift giving that we forget where this “happy holiday” came from. Okay. End of rant.

We spent some time with my side of the family in Maple and had a great time. Then it was time to head back home and prepare for Christmas dinner. I made a batch of candied sweet potatoes in the afternoon. As soon as they were done we packed up the car again and headed across town for a turkey dinner with Lissa’s family as we do every year.

I’m blogging because Vanessa received a couple of seasons of The Gilmore Girls on DVD. I can’t get near the TV. She beat me to it.

Did I mention that the HD projector was fixed? I picked it up on Christmas Eve. The main power board was defective and replaced at no cost. Phew!

Merry Christmas.

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