Layer Cake (2004)

I finally got around to seeing Layer Cake (2004) on DVD. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Daniel Craig (the next James Bond).

Layer Cake is probably the best British gangster film in the last five years. It has the same style and coolness of a Guy Ritchie film like Snatch—great cinematography, good music and get this, it has an intelligent plot that makes sense! Regrettably, Guy Ritchie forgot to include this in Revolver.

I didn’t find the characters as interesting as the cast from Sexy Beast or Snatch but the story is pretty good, the acting is great and direction is excellent. Some of the scenes are quite interesting in the way that they are shot and the editing tries to push the envelope a little bit which is always a welcome change.

My only complaint about the film is that the dialogue was often difficult to hear. This made it difficult to follow a few scenes and I found myself skipping back to try and make out what some of the characters where whispering or mumbling at the time.

There are also a couple of alternate endings on the DVD. The ending in the film is the best one. I always like when a filmmaker includes extra material like this because it draws you into the whole movie making process a little more.

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