Philips DVP-642

Best Buy has the Philips DVP-642 DVD player on sale for $74.99 (CDN) so I picked one up yesterday. I already have a good quality DVD player in the Panasonic S97S that works fine so why get another player?

Aside from the sale price, the Philips DVP-642 has excellent support for DivX playback and it is a region-free player. I have several documentary films in DivX that aren’t available yet on DVD or haven’t had a theatrical release. Watching them on a computer screen is a drag and not as comfortable as watching in a home theatre.

The Philips DVP-642 will also play DVDs encoded for PAL quite easily. One of my favourite photographers, Charlie Waite, did a television series for Grampian TV in Scotland. The series is called Seeing Scotland and is now available on DVD (PAL).

If you’re looking for a cheap DivX DVD player then you can’t go wrong with the Philips DVP-642. The LG LDA-530 is another good DivX player as well.

There are also several hacks for the Philips DVP-642 at that you’ll want to check out if you own this player.

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