Angels & Demons

Yesterday I finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. Like most of Brown’s novels, this one is a page turner.

Parts of it were a little too unbelievable. When the main character, Robert Langdon experiences a miraculous free-fall I had to groan and roll my eyes. Aside from this, the novel will keep you guessing with the its clever puzzles and mysteries. There are plenty of plot twists that will surprise you until the end as well.

Did I like it better than The Da Vinci Code? Hard to say. Both books have similar characters and story lines. I think I would have to go with the Da Vinci Code, only because I had a chance to visit Paris right after I read the novel. I’ve never been to Rome but after reading Angels & Demons I have a renewed interest in seeing the city. If I could hop on a plane tomorrow, and visit Rome for a week, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. Thanks to Paul for lending me his copy of the book.

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